Data Acquisition Software

Data Acquisition Software

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We have a team of expert software professionals working with us who develop an effective Data Acquisition Software. Flexible in functioning, the software is developed and programmed for analyzing, collecting and displaying data. This type of software is compatible to be used with loggers, multi channel data scanners, PID, indicators and timers. Tried and tested by our quality analysts, the offered Data Acquisition Software is offered at competitive prices.


  • Easy and Intuitive
  • Alarm report
  • Report generated in different formats


Smart Log 2.0 Data Acquisition Software. 



  • Online & Logged Data.
  • Alarm Report.
  • Various Combination Of Graphs Historical View.
  • Non Temperable Data Report.
  • Report Accessible From Excel Rtf, Etc.
  • Multi Instruments Applications.
  • Easy and Intuitive Supervision Software.
  • Runs Under All Current Windows Versions (98SE/ME/2000/XP).
  • Easy To Set-Up And Use With On Line Help.
  • Real Time Data Collection, Analysis And Display.
  • Programmable Alarm Limits Can Be Set For Each Channel.
  • Data Can Be Exported To MS Excel, Rtf Format. Etc.
  • Can Be Used With Desktop Computers Or Laptops.
  • Supports Multiple Loggers/Indicators On The Same PC.
  • Uses PC Monitor To Give Large Color Display, Ideal For Education And Training.
  • Trends Or Graphs Can Be Saved And Printed From Your PC.



Smart Log 2000 version 2.0; data acquisition software is a powerful and flexible program for collecting, analyzing and displaying data.

Smart Log 2000 can be used with the AMBETRONICS manufactured product range like multi channel data scanners / loggers, indicators, PID, Timers

Smart Log 2000 suitable for Multichannel Scanners / Loggers, provides an operator interface in a Windows Environment for real time supervision, historic trends and alarm management and all the data recorded in form of (Excel  & Access).



  • ISO Certification Records Validation Process Certifying.
  • Pharmaceutical Process Validation With Graph & Excel Report.
  • Online Profile Recording For Oven & BOD Incubator,
  • Humidity Chamber.
  • Stability Chamber.
  • Environmental Chamber.
  • System Validation.
  • Blood Banks.
  • Incubators.
  • Autoclaves.
  • Sterilizer.
  • Furnace



Smart Log displays data in a number of views, which can be activated as and when required. These views can be activated both during and after data collection.


Enables you to start / stop recording and specify recording files. It shows the current readings and alarm conditions for each channel. All settings such as scaling, channels and sampling are controlled from the recorder view.


Displays one or two parameter against Time. Two separate 'Y' Axis to view two separate parameters on a single graph. Provides X-axis & Y-axis navigator to move the trends in any directions. Graphs can be displayed both during and after data collection. Each channel can be displayed in its own graphs or multiple channels can be displayed in the same graph. Axis can be set up manually. Zoom features allow you to magnify areas of interest.


Notes view allows you to attach notes to data for validation and audit purpose.