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The UIP-1600-series are our latest upgraded 16 Channel Universal input type data loggers / data scanners which are available in weather proof, flame proof or panel mounting type enclosures as per requirement at Client site.

Salient Features:-

  • Used latest micro controller based technology for better accuracy
  • 16 Channel Universal input for all thermocouple, J, K, R, S, T, B, N & RTD (PT-100), 4-20mA, user programmable by user.
  • Easy on-line field calibration by front panel membrane keypad
  • Field programmable channel scan time 1 to 240 sec.
  • Logging interval 1 to 9999sec & Printing Interval 1 to 9999 sec.
  • Optional RS-485 Modbus Serial Port
  • Optional serial Printing Port.
  • Optional serial Printing Port.


Chemical & Hazardous area where data monitoring is essential
 ISO Certification records, Validation process certifying
 Online profile recording for Oven & BOD, Incubator, Humidity Chamber
 Pharmaceutical process validation with graph & excel report in Autoclaves

 Primary & auxiliary temperature scanning of boiler
 Room Mapping in Pharmaceutical
 To know heat Profile in furnace, foundries for Heat treatment application
 Winding temperature of generators, Bearings, motors, transformers.