Digital Time Switch

Digital Time Switch

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Implementing advanced technology in our product line, we manufacture and export an advanced range of Digital Time Switch. All these devices are considered suitable for use in different factories to automate the hooters and sirens for tea and lunch times & shifts. in addition to this, this time switch is also installed for ringing the bell in the school & college. Assembled with certified quality of raw materials and components, the offered Digital Time Switch is offered to clients at competitive prices.


  • Two independent programmable channels
  • 50 different setting for each channel
  • Easy programming

PT150 Digital Time Switch


  • Used latest micro controller based technology.
  • 5 Digit 7segment bright red L.E.D display.
  • Program setting by three soft membrane keys on the front panel.
  • Password facility to Prevent unauthorized used.
  • Manual over ride facility for emergency ON / OFF..
  • 2 Channel Independent Relay output for 2 different load.
  • Reset function to clear all switching program & add new program.
  • Output 1NO/C/NC Contact rated 230VAC/6A for each channel.
  • Built-in watch-dog circuit for fail safe operation.
  • Compact in size & easy to set & operate.
  • Payback period within 6 months by switching OFF unwanted lighting load in ideal time.


  • Digital time switch PT-150 is made up of latest micro controller based technology.
  • It can work in harshly industrial environment. It has two independent programmable channels.
  • Each channel have 50 different setting of program.
  • Each program comprised of starting ON TIME and the DURATION for which the output has to be remain ON.
  • Three Feather touch membrane keys for easy programming.
  • Password facility for program protection to prevent unauthorized used.
  • The 5 digit bright 7 segment L.E.D display shows the real time clock, program number, second, minute, hour, day etc.
  • The unit has non volatile RAM to store the program in case of power failure.
  • Moreover it has watch-dog circuit which protect the timer from mains voltage fluctuation or voltage transients, voltage dips etc.
  • The real time clock (RTC) follows 24 hour formats.
  • The 2 independent relay output available with 1NO/C/NC contact rating of 6A at 230VAC.


  • PT-150 is widely used in factories to energies sirens, hooters for shifts, tea and lunch times etc.
  • School & College for automatic bell ringing as per timetable.,
  • Switch ON & OFF ovens,
  • pump exhaust fans,
  • compressor neon sign Boards,
  • advertisement Boards,
  • staircase & passage lights,
  • home security by light control.
  • It is very useful in saving electrical energy by switch OFF the load during unwanted time.



5 Digit 13.0 mm. height L.E.D. display for Time. Next time.

6 Nos red L.E.D. for RL1, RL2, CH-1, CH-2, ON time, Duration.


Settable in Hour, Minute, Second.


+ 5Seconds / Month.

Time Base

11.0592 MHz Quartz crystal oscillator for accurate timing.


1 NO / C / NC Contact rated 230VAC / 6Amp.


230V AC K10% 50Hz, 110V AC K10%, 24V DC.


Panel mounting, 0.5kg. weight.


96(H) X 96(W) X 120(D) in mm.


92(H) X 92(W) in mm.


18Nos. 'L' type connector for 'Y' type lugs.


ABS Plastic, black/white colour.


Real time clock in 24 hours format with second flashing '23-59'

No. Of Output

Independent 2 relay output for 2 channels.

No. Of Program

50 Program per channel (on time + duration = 1 Program)

Prog. Method

A small feather touch key pad for setting calendar, ON time & duration

over seven days of the week or daily.

Skip (IP1)

By active IP2, you can skip the function of the next day.

Reset (IP2)

By active IP1, you can reset all the switching Programme & make it '00' setting.


Rechargeable battery back up to maintain time for up to 90 days in case

of power failure to run real time clock on time.



Built in

+12VDC for electronic buzzer.