Food Inspector Case

Food Inspector Case

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Ever since the journey began in the year, 1993, we have continued to carry our business by manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Food Inspector Case. The case includes oil meter, thermometer, pH meter, magnifying glass and torch. The case is used by food inspectors to inspect quality and hygienic value of food products in cafes and restaurants. Also, the case can be used for measuring core temperatures of frozen food. We offer our Food Inspector Case at the cost effective prices.


  • Light in weight

  • Easy to carry

  • Impact proof construction

The new standard Food Inspector Case includes: 

  • FOM 310 oil meter
  • TFF 200 thermometer (acceptable for official calibration)
  • PHT 3140 pH meter
  • torch
  • knife, pincer, scissors, magnifying glass

 The FOM 310 oil meter measures oil quality directly in the deep fryer. Regular tests of the frying oil guarantee a consistent quality of the fried goods (according to the German Food Hygiene Act LMHV (HACCP). Users can easily determine the exact time to change the frying oil. Measuring range is 0 to +220oC, polar parts are 0 to 35%

The TFF 200 thermometer is used especially for measurement of core temperatures when monitoring the temperature of frozen food. Measuring range is -50 to

+200oC. The PHT 3140 pH meter measures the temperature and pH-value in meat, sausage, cheese and liquids. Calibration is done easily through the keypad. Measuring range is 0 to 14pH or -10 to +100oC

EB 4400 with additional accessories

Accessories include: 

  • TLC 720 dual infrared thermometer
  • EBI-6 temperature logger
  • notebook
  • printer
  • digital camera 

The TLC 720 dual infrared thermometer for food can be used for fast temperature measurement in storage, goods receipt and during process control. Due to its non-contact measurement contamination of the goods is prevented. The pocket size of the TLC 720 makes it easy to carry. Measuring range is -33 to +220oC . The EBI-6 temperature logger monitors temperatures during transport and storage and provides excellent performance at an exceptional price. Measuring range is -30 to +50oC.

The precise hand-held measuring unit TFF 200 is delivered acceptable for official calibration (PTB approval certificate 14.40/96.01 on the unit). If a calibrated meter is required, the meter can be calibrated by any official gauging office for a small fee for calibration and for the calibration certificate, which is valid for two years. Government agencies can have their meters calibrated by any official gauging office free of charge. Calibrated meters with calibration certificate can also be ordered from ebro.