GT-2511 Smart gas transmitter

GT-2511 Smart gas transmitter

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= Provides a fast and reliable output by using Electro Chemical / Pellister / Solid State Sensor Technology.

= Optimized for detection of smallest leak of Oxygen, Toxic and Combustible Gases.

= Highly resistant to poisoning and etching.

= Capable of detecting down to PPM, %LEL & %V/V.

= Digital display of Gas Concentration on LCD Display

= Standard 4-20mA signal output with configurable range.

= Easy handling and programming with 3 keys for Weatherproof Models.

= Non - Intrusive programming for Flameproof model using Magnetic pen.

= Password protected programming with password changing facility.

= One man Auto Software Gas Calibration.

= Optional Alarm relay contacts with two configurable Alarm levels & one Relay for fail safe Operation.

= Optional STEL and TWA set points can be configured for Toxic Gases.

= Optional RS-485 communication port with MODBUS RTU Protocol.


Output Signal : Standard : 4-20mA Current Output with configurable range

Optional : Three SPDT Relays (one for FailSafe and Two for Alarm indication) of rating ‘2A/120VAC, 2A/24VDC’.

Optional : RS-485 Communication port with MODBUS RTU protocol.

Error Monitoring : Operating Temperature : -15°C to +550C

Storage Temperature : -20 to +600C

Humidity : Less than 95% Non-Condensing.

Detection Method : Electrochemical / Catalytic Bead Pellistor / Solid State

Gases Detected : Oxygen / Toxic / Combustible / VOC

Display : 8x2 Alphanumeric LCD Display with Backlit 8 LEDs to indicate status of instrument

Control Action : ii) Two independent Alarm set points with Latch &Non-latch facility.

ii) User selectable Hysteresis and Logic option.

iii) Configurable STEL and TWA set points for Toxic Gases (optional).

Setting : By using Magnetic pen for Flameproof model

ii) During Sensor Break / Open, the Display shows ‘SENSOR OPEN’ & 4-20mA output goes down to 3.7mA for Combustible gases only.

ii) During Over range, the Display shows ‘OVER RANGE’ & 4-20mA output goes up to 21mA

* Please specify if any other gases you require which is not in the list ( Available on Request)

Accuracy : ±2% of Full Scale.

Response Time : For response time, contact to factory

Start-up Time : Less than 30 Seconds.

Electrical :

Supply Voltage : 18 to 36 VDC, Typically 24VDC

Power Consumption : Less than 3.6 Watts

Supply Current : 150 mA at 24 VDC

Cable : 3 Wires (1.5mm2) Flexible or Armoured Shielded Cable

Accessories (Optional) :

• CE certified 24 VDC Power supply.

• Canopy & Mounting stand.

• Gas Calibration Kit (0.5,1, 3,10)Liter.

• Hooter Cum Flasher.

• PC Based SCADA Software, Modem

• Gas Sampling & Conditioning System.

• RS-485 to USB OR RS-232 convertor

Specifications subject to change without any prior notice


• Gas Metering skid

• Gas Cylinder Bank

• Oil & Gas Industries

• Gas Pipeline Project

• Refineries

• Cold Storage

• Sewage Plants

• Fertilizers Plants

• Stack Monitoring

• Chlorination Plant

• Ambient Monitoring

• Pulp & Paper Plants

• Gas Metering Station

• Burner / Furnace Areas

• Bullet Yard / Storage Yard

• Chemical Processing Plant

• Acid Alkalizes & Dyes Mfg. Plants

• Offshore Drilling & Processing Platforms

• Heat Treatment Plants

• Chemical Storage Area

• Control Atmosphere

• Power & Industrial Plants

• Coal Mine and Confined Area

• Chemical & Petrochemical Plants

• Automotive Industries / Paint Shops