Industrial Gsm Gprs Modem

Industrial Gsm Gprs Modem

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Industrial Gsm Gprs Modem


Fault Notification

Automatic generation and dispatch of more than 100 fault notifications
Condition based monitoring of data may launch events
Message templates may include current values from PLC or Ti-xi Data Gateway
Up to 100 predefined events may trigger actions.

Alarm Cascade

Message confirmation may be implemented by means of freely definable alarm levels.

Address Book

Address book with more than 100 contacts

Message Templates

More than 100 message templates may contain variable values from PLCs or the Ti-xi Data Gateway.
Destination addresses and PLC variables are defined as references.
Message length is not restricted (only by memory size).

Neutral Data Data Converter

All data of local systems connected to the device (PLCs, meters, sensors etc) are managed by means of a
neutral variable table (XML). These XML-data are independent of their origin.
All Ti-xi functions use these neutral data.
Local PLC data may thus be translated from one system to another, e.g. meter data may be handed to a
PLC or BMS (building management system).

Data Logger Data Logging

All values (e.g. PLC or meter values) may be logged on a regular basis.
(e.g. every 1 min, 15 min, 1h, 1d, …) or upon certain events.
Data is automatically compressed (binary format).

Data Dispatch

Saved Log data may be sent as E-Mail attachments at scheduled times or as a result of any event. Their
format is to be freely defined, such as XML or Microsoft Excel CSV.

Embedded Web server Web server

The user may create custom websites with any HTML editor, including XML placeholders for system values.
By means of these websites, current data may be displayed or custom input masks can be defined.
Common Gateway Interface (CGI) for dynamic read and write of values and for log data readout.
Special SSI (Server side Includes) allow embedding of values and log data into websites.

Remote Control Switching Commands

Switching commands may be transmitted via E-Mail, HTTP or Ti-XML command onto the Ti-xi Data Gateway.
HTTP and Ti-XML commands may be defined freely and may contain e.g. set point values.


If need be, the device may send confirmation commands upon receipt and execution of a remote switching
command, in order to report the positive (or negative) result of such.