Programmable Ampere Hour Controller

Programmable Ampere Hour Controller

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AHC 100 Programmable Ampere Hour Controller


  • Based on state of art latest microcontroller technology with Watchdog feature for fail safe operation.
  • Acceptability of analog input from DC Shunt.
  • A high resolution of 20000 counts (max) for Ampere rate & 999999 counts (max) for Ampere Hour Totalizer & Batch counter.
  • Highly informative, user friendly display & keyboard interface with indication for Ampere rate, Total & Batch.
  • Relay control action can be programmable.
  • Programmable latch OR non-latch facility for relay & relay indication.
  • User selectable batch quantity, batch counter & reset facility through keyboard & external contacts.
  • Non-Volatile battery backup memory to store data in case of power failure with configurable power up recovery option.
  • Isolated RS485 communication with MODBUS RTU Protocol.
  • Isolated retransmission of process value signal (Optional).
  • Configurable retransmission range setting by users.
  • Flameproof version is available on request.  


  • Metal Extrusion
  • Electroplating
  • Electro Polishing & Galvanizing
  • P.C.B. Manufacturing
  • Battery Charging
  • Hydro Generations
  • Electro Dip Painting
  • D.C. Substation  


Analog Input from 

0 - 75mV from DC Shunt.

Sensor Break

Under Range 'UndEr' Over range 'ouEr' indication for 0-75mV. 


0 to 20000 (5 digit) counts of Ampere rate configurable as per Second, Min, Hour.
0 to 999999 (6 digit) counts of Ampere Hour Totalizer.
0 to 999999 (6 digit) Batch counter to know total no. of Batch completed.


Field programmable decimal point selection for Ampere Indication by users.


Better than 0.1% of full scale reading..


By 3 keys on front panel i.e. Keys.

Alarm Output

2 Independent set points for Ampere Hour Totalizer setting. 
2 independent NO/C/NC contact for Ampere Hour Totalizer setting. 

Relay Specification

5Amp. / 250VAC, 5Amp. / 30VDC at resistive load. 

Control Action

L & H, H & VH, L & VL control action facility individual for each relay. 
Auto reset pulse output for Batch application.


5 Digit for Ampere rate OR 6 Digit for Totalizer, selectable by using (+) key on Front panel.
8 L.E.D.'s for RL1, RL2, TX, RX, PROG., SQR, RATE & TOTAL.


Non-Volatile memory to store the Totalizer value, Batch count in case of power failure with 4 options of power up recovery i.e. No memory recovery, Batch memory recovery, Totalizer memory recovery & All memory recovery.


Provision for Total reset from the panel as well as remote reset from back Terminal through potential free contacts input for Ampere Hour Totalizer.


230 VAC+10% OR 110VAC +10% OR 24VDC.


Panel mounting / Wall mounting for flameproof model.


96(W) X 48(H) X 120(D) in mm. OR 72(W) X 72(H) X 120(D) in mm ( Including back side connecter )


92(W) X 44(H) in mm. OR 68(W) X 68(H) in mm.


ABS Plastic, Black Color for [96(W)X48(H)X120(D)] & White Color for [72(W)X72(H)X120(D)]


a) Isolated RS485 Serial port with MODBUS RTU Protocol output for PC interface.
b) Isolated 4 to 20mA retransmission programmable output for recorder or PLC proportional to selective range.
c) Flameproof version is available on request for hazardous application. 


MODBUS RTU Protocol support to update instrument setting through PC. Powerful SCADA software is available.


1 Kg.