Programmable R.P.M.Controller

Programmable R.P.M.Controller

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Backed with technical experience of a decade, we are the leading manufacturer and exporter of Programmable R.P.M.Controller. All these instruments are used as the speedometer for speed control work in the varied industrial applications. Supplied to many industries, these controllers are used as zero speed switch, R.P.M. trip alarm and safety speed switch. The offered Programmable R.P.M.Controller is competitively prices of our clients.


  • Two independent set points for 3 different control actions
  •  Option of RPS and RPM
  • Durable quality

PS350 Programmable R.P.M. Controller



  • Auto resolution R.P.S. or R.P.M.
  • R.P.S. (Revolution per second or pulse per second) or
  • R.P.M. (Revolution per minute or pulse per minute) Programmable by users.
  • 4 Nos. LED used for RL 1, RL 2, RATE & TOTAL mode indication.
  • 11.059 MHz quartz crystal for high accuracy.
  • Two independent set points programmable in 3 different control actions, Like normally ON, normally OFF, pulse output.
  • Built-in watch-dog circuit for fail safe operation.
  • Relay output for each set point with NO/C/NC output.
  • +12VDC, 50mA built in supply for proximity.
  • Program setting by three soft membrane keys on the front panel.
  • Various different industrial sizes are available on request.
  • Optional :- 4-20mADC/0-2V or 100Hz to 10KHz output for retransmission with respect to R.P.M. Speed. 



The PS-350 is programmable digital Preset able Speedometer is a part of the Ambetronics intelligent, microcontroller based control instrument for realization of economic solution for speed control problems.


This can be use as R.P.M. trip alarm, zero speed switch & Safety speed switch in industries. 



5 Digit of 13.0 mm. height 7 segment red colour bright L.E.D display.


1 R.P.S. to 9999 R.P.S. (Revolution per second)

60 R.P.M. to 9999 R.P.M. (Revolution per minute)


Better than 0.1%


1 NO/C/NC relay contact rated 6A at 230VAC for both the relay 1 and relay 2.


230V AC + 10%, 50Hz, 110V AC + 10%, 50Hz.


Auto resolution in terms of 0.001, 0.01, 0.1 and 1.


R.P.S. (Revolution per second), R.P.M.(Revolution per minute)

Time Base

11.059 MHz Quartz crystal time base.

Scale Factor

0.001 to 9999 programmable.

Set point

2 Independent set point programmable in 3 different control actions.

Control action

Low and high, low and very low, high and very high (programmable) by users.

Relay Action

ON delay, OFF delay, pulse output 0 to 999.9 second (Programmable) by users.

Sensor supply

+12VDC/50mA & GND,is available for proximity switch,Infrared switch, limit switch


96(W) X 48(H) X 120(D) in mm.

96(W) X 96(H) X 120(D) in mm.

96(W) X 96(H) X 160(D) in mm.(For with retransmission facility).


92(W) X 44(H) in mm.

92(W) X 92(H) in mm.


ABS Plastic Black/White colour.


Panel mounting


18Nos. 'L' type connector for 'Y' type lugs.