Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

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in today's industry, when technology is developed remarkably, we are regularly upgrading our wide stock of Ultrasonic Leak Detector. These instruments use ultrasonic signals for detecting the fault area before the damage occurs. Specially designed for testing the seals of valves, fitting, condenser drains or gates for leakage, the offered Ultrasonic Leak Detector is offered to clients in a wide range of specifications and models to choose from. Our clients can get these leak detectors from us at feasible price range.


  • Early warning system
  • Detection of leakage at an early stage
  • Durable quality


Diagnose areas of potential concern to eliminate unscheduled downtime!

The SONAPHONE is an early warning system. Faults in any machinery can be detected by ultrasonic signals  very early before the damage occurs!

Identifying the exact location of a fault with the SONAPHONE E enables a quick reaction time. Preventing major damage, expensive repair, minimal disturbance of the production process.

Verify seals of fitting, valves, gates or condenser drains

The fast and easy operation of the SONAPHONE E saves the material energy and reduces the loss of condensates.Dete

Leaking fitting seals can be detected at an early stage

Early wear detection of ball bearings

Easy detection of developing faults in bearings during operation by use of body sound detection.

Reduces operating costs for your facilities!

Leak detection of compressed air systems or gas and vacuums facilities

Compressed air is a conservation conscious form of energy but leakages within the system. Usually fast developing and increases long term energy cost.

Actual operations have shown  that the periodic removal of leaks in a compress air system reduces the energy costs by more than 30 %! 

PC interface: the SONAPHONE E contains a digital data memory and has an infrared PC interface. Special custom supplied software organizes the data transfer and analysis.

Easy operation : the intuitive menu and the simple functioning of the device enables accurate measurements and stress free operation with minimal effort.

Temperature Measurement : Range: 0o to 300oC (32oF to 572oF) 


Sensor Frequency

40 kHz


Ultra Sonic Sensor, Temperature sensor, Headphones, Infrared-interface (IrDA 1), Battery Charger

Current Supply

Internal accumulators for about 8 h of operation

Additional Functions

memory for 1000 test data, menu guidance, integrated speakers, portable leather bag, transportation case.


Flexible ultra sonic sensor, Body sound sensor, Waterproof probe, telescopic-prolongation for sensor


Shock Proof Plastic with wipe - resistant keyboard (foil)


190 x 110 x 85 mm


ca 600 gram